Friday, March 26, 2010

Music and mind...

Methodically   Used  Sounds In Curing  diseases (MUSIC)
  I have heard people saying music is an  inseparable part of every human life.. It is the basic necessity of every soul and many more dialogues…  I thought its  just the songs that come in cinema or the devotional songs that make music.. But many don’t even hear songs. So how is it inseparable..?I set out  to discover how it works.. I cud make it out only from a baby.. J ya..!! recently  I met a 8 month baby in bus  ,she ignored me when  I touched and smiled at her. But when I whistled, she gave a chuckle. Whenever I gave a sound she chuckled.It was then I realized any rhythmic sound is music, that makes u happy!!Then I understood the real meaning of music as is said in August Rush movie.. J
Now moving bit technically, music is made of tunes called RAGA .Any tune is a string of selected swaras  or musical alphabets.As English has 26 alphabets music has 7 alphabets, Sa, ri, ga, ma,pa, da, ni , in Indian music and do,re,me,fa,so, la,se (or) te in western.Indian music is called carnatic  in south or Hindustani in north.
     Music composers:
         Many  people have used these swaras  efficiently to create certain emotions through their  tunes composed in various RAGAS. 3 people  are recognized for their distinguished work in carnatic music and called Music Trinity – ‘ Thiagaraja, Muthuswamy  Dhikshidar, Syama sastri ’ who were the contemporaries of western music Trinity –‘ Bach,Beethoven,Mozart’
 Ragas and emotions:
Emotions are called “Rasas” in Sanskrit… They are:

Love (sringaram)
Laughter (hasyam)
pathos (karunai)
anger (raudram)
enthusiasm (viram)
fear (bhayAnakam)
disgust (bibhatsa)
wonder/surprise (adbutam)

Every RAGA invokes one or multitude of allied emotions…To name a few: (in carnatic music)
        Mohanam,dhanyasi   is for joy
        Subhapanthvarali, sivaranjani for sadness but sometimes happiness
        Shankarabharanam,Karaharapriya,Shanmugapriya,Behag, Saveri and Revathi : Bhakthi and equanimity
Sindhubairavi, Desh:Most of the times Romantic
Sahana: evokes a feeling of empathy, sympathy, pity, reaching out to a pained soul..
punnaga varali evokes the snake. It is mentioned in one of the music books (I forgot the title) that by playing Punnaga Varali, a small vibration is created on the ground, and that disturbs the sleeping snake!

Whatever it is ,any raga of music invokes a peaceful an clear mind so always live with music…

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  1. guess you learn music. so is the reason u must have immense knowledge in music...
    Nice blog.
    music is all around us all we have to do is to listen