Saturday, December 19, 2009

Little angels..............

Your eyes cast a spell to attract everyone,
Your innocent smile knows the technique to erase others worries,
your cute little touch can melt even a diamond,
A drop of your tears can tear away many hearts,
Your tender legs' dance make people long for it,
Those undetermined words has fans more than Churchil,
You are the one who can bring happiness through your anger,
Hey child!!You are the abode of love and joy....
But y people make you a beggary toy...????
Will you ever forgive them for their fault...??

Dear friends,Let those little hands not hold before u...
Just hold them high to touch the sky....

I wrote it seeing a lady begging with a child.. i got very angry.. I should appreciate my friend  kavitha who couldnt tolerate one such incident in chennai and complained child helpline..But there was no action taken..As is said unity is strength, I request u frnds please all join your hands against such iniquity..............


  1. hey hie dear,
    i didnt know yu could make out such a nice blog bringing out all sorts of emotions..i wish yu 2 know much bout the world n i expect still more good gud blog frm yu..anyway's ur 1st one rocks!!!!!!!!Good luck:):)Keep blogging!

  2. Hi, gay3 Such a Nice Thoughts , Keep it up.. Proud 4 u ..